[WASC-WAFEC] WAFEC v1.0 - Section 2

Christian Heinrich christian.heinrich at cmlh.id.au
Wed Mar 2 01:38:22 EST 2011


I have the following comments related to Section 2 of WAFEC v1.0 i.e.
pp7-10 based on a very quick rereading (i.e. I could be wrong)

- What should be considered for HTML 5 based on the existing sub
heading within Section 2 WAFEC v1.0?

- What heading should be added to Section for HTML 5 to Section 2 for
WAFEC v2.0?

In relation to the specific subsections for Section 2 WAFEC v1.0:

   2.2 - Can the common technical encoding types be specified e.g.
"Content-Encoding: gzip" as examples to allow for new encoding types
to be "assumed" based on generic wording, etc after the publication of
WAFEC v2.0?
   2.8 - Should this be relabeled as "Data Leak Prevention" within WAFEC v2.0?

Christian Heinrich


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