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Thanks to everybody for showing so much interest in evolving WAFEC v2.

Today I would like to present the first, initial step of our project. After that I or my brother will be able to provide a detailed schedule and goal definition as well as how the communication will be organized.

1.)    I would like to name those, who have confirmed their participation explicitly on the WASC / WAFEC Website. If you do not want that, please let me know, otherwise I take silence as an "OK".

2.)    As stated in the first mail, there should be a review of WAFEC v1 and it would be great, if you could start with your or your customers experiences regarding the use of WAFEC v1.
Let me be the one starting the discussion in short words:

i.)           There are a lot off criteria regarding content switching, which is irritating if you speak about WAF
ii.)          With the new Dos aspects of HTML 5 we should sharpen WAFEC criteria regarding that issue
iii.)         WAFEC should give customers or consultants the ability to judge positive or negative techniques as well as training, at the moment it is just showing capabilities

iv.)         The actual version is not helpful if you want to evaluate management or administrative capabilities

These are my 5 cent

3.)    Last but not least there should be an overall confirmation if the suggested topics should be discussed in this project completely and how these points should be prioritized.

Awaiting your comments.


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