Przemyslaw Skowron przemyslaw.skowron at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 16:16:24 EST 2011

Hello everyone!

This is my first e-mail on WAFEC list. Currently I'm OWASP Poland
leader and IT Security Expert at one of the Polish banks. I have over
5 years experience with WAF technology by various vendors as Security
Architect, Configuration Manager and Security Analyst. More
information about me you can find here:

Two years ago I defended BSc thesis about WAFEC v1 and mod_security
(unfotunately in Polish), then I contacted with Ofer Shezaf. Ofer has
accepted my application in the 2nd version of WAFEC.

Today is my lucky day: Kick-Off WAFEC v2! I would like to inform you
that I'm still interested in participating in the project WAFEC v2.

Best regards,
Przemyslaw Skowron, <przemyslaw.skowron {at} gmail.com>

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