[WASC-SATEC] Runtime Analysis Tools

Alec Shcherbakov alec.shcherbakov at astechconsulting.com
Fri Apr 18 17:10:21 EDT 2014

Some of these tools reverse-engineer the code being executed at the moment
and then scan it, but the scope of the scan may be limited compared to the
more complex often multistage process most static analyzers employ. A more
accurate category for these tools could be “hybrid analyzers”. Perhaps we
could list them in a separate category on the tools page.

Alec Shcherbakov

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Hello All,

I received a request from one of the "runtime analysis tools" providers (
www.contrastsecurity.com) to list it on the Static Analysis Tools List page
associated with SATEC.

The challenge with these tools is that they provide results that are
similar to static analysis but they don't actually scan the code.

Interested to know what you guys think?

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